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Jewish families are experiencing a growing sense of fear and insecurity in the United States. Synagogues, schools, and community centers are facing regular threats and Jewish leaders are hard pressed to keep their communities safe.


  • Anti-Semitic incidents in the United States are increasing at an unprecedented rate—there was an almost 40% increase in anti-Jewish events between 2016 and 2017
  • We are less than a year removed from the deadliest attack on our community in Jewish American history
  • Executive directors and community leaders are struggling to implement security best practices and install needed equipment with limited knowledge and funding

At JADC, our staff and board are part of thriving, resilient Jewish communities. We’ve experienced these challenges personally and we know how central concerns about safety and security are becoming in the day-to-day lives of Jewish-Americans. We know how important it is for communities around the country to take all the steps they can to ensure that their spaces are both welcoming and safe.

By focusing solely on Jewish-American security issues, the Coalition has the capacity to explore the security needs and solutions our community needs. Walking side by side with Jewish institutions, we remove the pressure for executive directors and heads of school to do double duty as security consultants; we provide expert resources, support, and security solutions tailored to Jewish institutions and their unique needs.

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