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Our Mission

To empower Jewish American institutions and communities to responsibly manage their own security and defense—providing the comprehensive education, training, services, and funding they need to thrive.

Our Vision

To be a trusted, national partner for Jewish American organizations navigating complex and evolving security needs—becoming a central resource and support for the entirety of the Jewish American community.

What We’ll Do

With time, the Coalition hopes to become a comprehensive security partner, helping Jewish institutions of all kinds implement tailored, proven security strategies, protecting Jewish spaces while preserving their public purpose, and building resilient communities. We plan to:

  • Provide security consulting services to Jewish organizations, using trusted consulting partners to ensure a consistent and thorough approach; we have already partnered with Homeland Security, FBI and ATF.
  • Grant funding to implement recommended security plans, possibly including support for:
    • Additional security equipment and/or building improvements
    • Staff and volunteer training
  • Assist in the creation of needed emergency response plans (for active shooters, natural disasters, etc.)
  • Become a central resource for Jewish security needs, helping to:
    • Educate communities about security issues
    • Facilitate challenging conversations about security needs and contexts
    • Coordinate regional and national responses to issues as necessary

What Will Set Us Apart

By focusing solely on Jewish American security issues, the Coalition will have capacity to explore security solutions and needs for which organizations with other missions to do not have the time or resources. We will:

  • Vet both our security consulting and supplier partners, ensuring we identify the best partners for our community and giving Jewish leaders a list of preferred vendors they can reference when seeking support
  • Use national experience to consolidate best practices grounded in the different security issues Jewish communities face around the United States
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