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Our Approach

The JADC approaches security needs holistically, not just recommending and installing equipment, but helping to educate and train leaders and their communities.

Email Introduction – Password Request

The potential partner will need to email – please include:

  • Name of Organization
  • Organization Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Name of Authorized Agent
  • Direct Phone Number
  • Email Address

Invitation of Intake Form

Please complete the intake form in order for the Jewish American Defense Coalition to learn more about the organization. The individual completing the form should be an authorized agent of the organization.

Our Process

  1. Initial intake: We get to know our possible partner organizations and make sure we are well positioned to help them.
  2. Partner application and review: We review a comprehensive application, tailoring our approach to each partner. With preliminary research, we work to anticipate the extent of resources or funding an organization will likely need and evaluate their eligibility.
  3. Relationship building: We engage leaders with an initial conference call or in person meeting, outlining our methodology and letting them know what to expect if we both choose to move forward. It’s essential that we build strong lines of communication and trust to do this work well.
  4. Security assessment: We perform a site visit and initial security assessment, gathering all the data we need to make actionable security recommendations. We review this data and make our recommendations.
  5. Implementation: We begin training and connect partner organizations to our vetted suppliers, facilitating installation of recommended equipment and setting a calendar of quarterly check ins that support organizations in fully implementing and sustaining recommendations over time.

Partnership Agreement

Upon approval, the organization will receive a partnership agreement with “Terms, Conditions and Understandings”. This outlines the resources and reporting schedule as well as other pertinent details and requirements.

Partnership Outcome

After partnering with us through our grant process, organizations will:

  • Have more secure physical sites and clear security and disaster response plans
  • Have trained staff and volunteer leaders who can act proactively to support community safety
  • Be better equipped to recognize evolving security needs and rise to meet them on their own

In order to achieve these goals, we’ve designed a comprehensive process that helps the coalition fully get to know organizations and their needs, centers on a security assessment, and supports implementation of recommendations—both for training and equipment.

We use only security consultants and service providers that the Coalition has vetted and works with regularly, walking our clients through an expert process they can trust.


Jewish American Defense Coalition invites applications from Jewish Day Schools, Hillel’s, Temples, Synagogues, Jewish Community Centers, and Federations.

All applicants must have a current 501(c)(3) determination letter or otherwise valid tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Act.

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